Lil Poopie Nation: Badass Baby Clothes that make a Difference

    Ever heard of a Rated R Onesie?  

    Based in Bend Oregon, the Lil Poopie Nation team knows that not taking life too seriously is the basis behind everything we do. 

    The concept for Lil Poopie Nation originally came from our owner, Jeffery, after the birth of his son Samuel. Because of a complication, Samuel almost died as an infant. After 3 weeks of waiting with 40 other potentially terminal infants at the hospital, the doctors finally let Jeffery know that the IVs were coming out and soon his son Sam could wear his own clothes for the first time. Jeffery set out to buy his son some funny onesies and could only find ducks and flowers at the stores near the hospital. 

    Between the words “made in China” and the ornaments that simply didn't fit his style as a parent, the idea of Lil Poopie Nation was born. Jeffery’s son lived and is now 12 years old, healthy and happy. 

    Lil Poopie Nation gives back to the community.

    We know the importance of giving back to our community and we regularly give a portion of our sales to charities that improve the life of children everywhere. In the past, Lil Poopie Nation has given a portion of our sales from our "I'm here for the boobs" onesies and t-shirts to cancer research foundations.

    Not only that, but everything that comes from Lil Poopie Nation is 100% produced from American soil. We support the American economy as well as a safe and healthy onesies and a safe and healthy working environment! 

    For more information on Lil Poopie Nation's giving, or if you are aware of a children's-related charity in need of help, feel free to contact us